Horary Astrology is my new offering. This is pure divination. After studying this very specific branch of astrology for the last few years I am very happy to be in a place to now offer these readings formally.

This reading is for when you are looking for a yes or no answer to a specific, real world question. Essentially horary questions are a test of what our true desire is in a situation. Desire comes from the Latin de sidere, which means ‘from the stars’. This is another way of saying ‘Divine Will’. And hence when we ask a horary question we are essentially asking the spirits ‘Is this Divine Will?’

There are an infinite number of questions that can be asked. And they relate to important, practical situations in life. Some examples of horary questions include:

  • Should I take this job offer?
  • Is X the right person for me?
  • If I take this person to court, will I win?
  • Will our house sale go through smoothly?

Horary charts powerfully dispel the idea that astrology is a science, as it breaks out of the idea of linear time, with the astrological clock ticking in the background and lining up pre-destined events at the appropriate time.

This is because the chart used in horary is for the time and place the astrologer learns about the question asked (e.g. the time I read the email, am asked a question in person etc). From a linear perspective it makes no sense that the astrology for that moment can describe very accurately the situation going on for a person and guide them in the right direction. But there is a mysterious process at work that urges the person to ask the question at the exact right moment or urges the astrologer to read the email at that moment that the heavens line up accordingly.

Incredible, right!? 

As always with astrology, it is a matter of studying for yourself if it works – using direct personal experience, rather than thoughts and ideas about how you think it should be. When I studied horary and saw it working it was truly mind blowing.

A good horary will not just provide the answer, but also describe precisely the situation at hand and gives details as to why this is the right thing to do. For me, these kinds of readings are the most interesting and most exciting.

While it does not happen every time, when I see a chart come alive so precisely and provide such clear guidance for a person it is, for me, a mystical experience. One that is undeniable, yet which my poor Virgoan mind can make no sense of. Fortunately it cannot question the reality and remains silent at these times, leaving me with a direct connection to Spirit.

See the Horary Astrology page for more details.