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An astrology reading with me is an opportunity to understand yourself and your life on a deeper level. Your birth chart describes in detail personal characteristics, strengths, challenges and where you are best suited to devoting your time and energy. A reading can also help you to understand what is currently happening in your life and can provide guidance to ensure you make the best decisions and act at the appropriate time.

What is Astrology and How Does it Work?

An astrology chart depicts the location of each of the planets, the Sun and the Moon from the place a person was born, at the time they were born. So it is essentially a local map of the heavens at the birth moment. This is about as far as we use the physical planets.

One of the common misconceptions about astrology is that it says that the planets out there in space are influencing our lives and doing something to us here on Earth. However the relationship between the planets and our lives is a symbolic one, not a direct causal one. Astrology is a symbolic language. The different planets, signs and houses symbolise aspects of our personalities and our life and the events in it. But they do not cause it.

It is not possible to understand this relationship by viewing life from a traditional scientific perspective. Rather it is necessary to recognise the interconnected nature of all things. That ultimately the whole of life is one expression. From this perspective something that happens on the macrocosm scale of the solar system (the movement of the planets) is reflected in and describes the microcosm, i.e. a person and their life. “As above, so below” as the ancients said.

The connection between the two is an acausal one – synchronicity as the psychiatrist, psychologist and astrologer Carl Jung called it. The position of the planets describe what is happening in our life in much the same way that the hands on a clock tell the time, but do not cause the time.

A birth chart can also be seen as the energetic make-up of a person’s psyche. The locations of the planets and how they connect with each other accurately describe how we view and behave in the world and what happens in our lives.

What is important about this is that is moves us away from a fated or deterministic universe where our lives are dictated by these outside forces that we have no control over. When the planets are recognized as being symbolic of different aspects of our being, then it means we have a say in what happens. We cannot choose our chart – a Libra can’t become an Aries, no matter how hard they try – yet within the symbolism of our own personal chart there are still infinite possibilities of expression. So there is a whole spectrum of potential behaviours for a person with Sun in Libra (that are very different to an Aries).

Personal growth or spiritual growth can be seen to be the movement away from lower expressions of our chart to a more skillful or higher expression. And the more we embody the higher nature of our chart, the better life tends to get and the more happy and fulfilled we become.

If you want to understand yourself more deeply, understand why certain problems keep arising and learn new ways to deal with them, or if you want to discover what career would be best suited to you, the lessons you are meant to learn in your lifetime or what your hidden talents are, then get in touch with me today.

My readings are down-to-earth and clear. What you learn is practical and can be applied to your daily life immediately. Knowledge is power. The deeper level of self-awareness that can come from an astrology reading with me helps you to start moving in a more rewarding and fulfilling direction. It assists you in experiencing a happy life that is full of peace and love which is, after all, your birthright.

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What people are saying about Mark’s work

Mark has that perfect professional combination as an Astrologer: detailed authority and intuition. He knows how to shape the information, communicating what’s important without unnecessary extras. He makes a clear distinction between possibilities and probabilities – emphasising how every individual has to make choices and actions to align with stellar influences. A reading with Mark has empowered me to remember that everything is connected within the universe – and of the significant part to play in creating my world and best life.

Mags Mackean, Author and Coach, Bristol UK

Mark could accurately describe so much about me from my birth chart that I had to remind myself that he had not known me for years and all I had told him was my birth date, time and place. It’s been immensely useful to see myself from the perspective that he gave me and therefore know that my creative ideas are entirely on track, that I’m not crazy and I am not too late. The reading allowed me to relax into trusting divine timing, and while Mark says he doesn’t do predictions, what he told me about timing of events has been very helpful in making some significant life decisions. Undue effort has fallen away and things are all working out well. Without Mark’s reading, I would probably still be wasting time, energy and money trying to push to make something happen prematurely. Now I am allowing life to flow and I’m no longer worried about my future. The reading was absolutely worth it, so I recommend Mark without reservation. He really knows his stuff: if you are thinking about it, just go for it.

Brenda Scarborough, Cape Town, South Africa

Having had a reading from Mark years ago I was incredibly excited to learn about his Secrets of Relationship Astrology Revealed course. I anticipated learning the ins and outs of astrology but what I experienced was so much more. 

First, the quality of the videos, the flow of the course, and the professional nature of the content put me at ease to lean in and let go. If it isn’t easy, I won’t do it and Mark made this so simple to follow along. Second, the structure of the course (he breaks it down into sections and gives the options of going on deep dives) helped build my foundation of knowledge so as we moved on in breadth and depth I felt I had a solid footing for the next bit of information. With those things being said, Mark’s passion and ability to articulate how truly profound the study of astrology is, especially how it pertains to our everyday lives blew my mind. I have re-listened to his explanation three times already because I want to absorb his understanding. Finally, this course has been EYE opening for me and how I see/interact with people in my life. I have already told dozens of people about this course and how much we can improve lines of communication as well as the flow of giving/receiving love. Even in my business interactions I am considering who the other person is and what they may need from me. It’s so much more than just learning about the planets/stars.

 I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone that is curious about astrology, wants to know more about their relationships and how to improve them, or if they just want a leg up on interacting with people on a day to day basis. Thank you, Mark! This course is a gift!”

Jessica Sanford, Los Angeles, CA

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