Mark Flaherty’s astrological readings are incredibly nuanced and in-depth. I have seen many experienced astrologers and feel that Mark’s knowledge and personal experience bring something very special to the readings. I felt he was completely on target with my readings and gave me many new insights that furthered my understanding of not only where I was and where I was going but also how best to work with those shaping forces. His knowledge of astrocartography was also very insightful and essential. I highly encourage anyone with any level of experience in astrology to turn to Mark for a greater understanding of themselves and their lives. I would always recommend Mark to friends and I know will ask for his expertise again and again!
Maya - New York, NY
Mark is an excellent, first-rate astrologer. His readings have not only been helpful, full of insights and constructive guidance, but his style and delivery really sets him apart. He artfully walks you into the world of the planets and allows their energies to reveal themselves in the flow of the dialog. Nothing was forced, but rather gracefully illuminated. He truly excels at his craft. I’ve been seeing Mark for regular readings for the past three years and will continue to do so. Great work.
Matt T - Colorado, USA

I found that Mark’s birth chart reading an exhilarating confirmation of all the internal nudges I had been feeling within my soul. A week prior, I had taken his Complete Introduction to Astrology course and then reached out to him because his vast understanding of the relationship between who we are and the stars was unmistakable. The course gave a deeper understanding of the fascinating science of astrology and how the stars are a reflection of what is currently stirring in our nature, not a predictive force.  

In short our skype session was cathartic, even from an intellectual perspective, streaming light on how the incredibly specific relationship between the positioning and movement of the stars during birth and throughout my life related to my internal desires and personality traits. 

The session gave me a super boost of focused power confirming the guidance I had been feeling during in my waking life in relation to my career path and  illuminated how these energies would be shifting creating new themes and chapters all in regard to the awe inspiring motion of the stars, giving me deep clarity.  I discovered why in relationships I had the need for deep passionate connections, yet a simultaneous need for space and freedom- something I always felt but didn’t understand.  

Mark has an extremely genuine, insightful, expansive with a  pragmatic approach of how this can be applied moving with the synergy of the stars. He emanated soothing energy almost like an angelic guide with practical suggestions, helping us use these celestial signs to harness our own focus and take life to a new level of choice. 

Thank you Mark and I recommend you to all! 

Mira Anne
I’ve had my astrological chart read before and I found that Mark’s reading was much richer. First of all, he very clearly explained how he was interpreting it, thus offering me unexpected and detailed insight into how astrology is supposed to be used in the first place. Secondly, I felt like his reading gave me much more freedom. While my other readings felt more like a predetermined set of characteristics and basically a “fate” I had to go through and deal with, Mark’s reading felt more like a map of the terrain of my psyche, of my high and low potentials, on which I have the freedom to create my own path. Truly insightful on multiple dimensions and empowering!
Maximilian Machedon
I’m amazed! Cannot believe how accurate the interpretation of my birth chart was – people I’ve known for years don’t know all of that about me. The interpretation was very readable and pitched just right with enough to educate me about the basics whilst making it relevant and accessible to a novice in planetary energies. Such a positive and uplifting experience (coupled with a few home truths) and money well spent. I cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from giving it a go.
Helen - Wolverhampton, UK
Mark put together a Natal chart and Now and the Year Ahead reading combo for me. I was truly impressed by his thoroughness and transparency. He provided me with both deep and practical insights in the most clear and engaging manner. I can attest to Mark’s outstanding job as a caring, interested, and most personable astrologist. Thank you Mark!
Juan Luis B - Financial Analyst, Mexico City
I found the reading Mr. Flaherty provided to be very illuminating.
Not only did Mark explain what my chart implied, but he also took the time to question me about current and past events and put this information into context. I found his reading to be scary accurate on many levels.
When you do something like this, there is always trepidation.
All I can say is that when we were done, I had to say to myself, “so that’s why”!
And I have said it many times when I look at my chart and listen to our recorded session since. Mark Flaherty is the real deal.
He takes time to thoroughly research your chart and then puts into context. This is time and money well spent if you are looking for insight into your self, circumstances and mindset.
Mark V - Security Consultation, Washington, DC
Curiosity about astrology always made its way into my life. I’ve consulted different astrologers and even learned astrology by myself for a couple of years.
I’ve had my astrological chart done several times by so many websites and books, so when I met Mark, and saw my astrological chart drawn by him, there was no surprise for me, and somehow I assumed I knew already the answers.
Well, I was totally wrong.
The first thing I learned from my reading is that all the astrological info are always available for all, and for free, yes. But what Mark does, is a serious job of digging deeper into the meanings of those signs and their aspects.
Mark created a sacred astrological space for us to map my psyche and discuss it freely. And suddenly, these oppositions, squares, favorable or not, had a totally different aspect for them.
Mark sheds the light on “definitions” one has about the self, with no judgement. He explains our human side in a beautiful astrological way, that is no longer deterministic or fatalist, but helps you challenge yourself to go beyond your own self judgement.
And suddenly this “underworld” of mine that is so present in my chart is no longer an aspect I am running away from. And even running away (that is very present in my chart also) has its own right to be since I started being aware of it and giving it the love it needs so it no longer controls me but rather serves my higher self.
Astrology helps you understand yourself on a very deep level, but most importantly gives you the freedom to BE this “self”, and therefore allow all its different aspects to be in order to flow into life.
This is what Mark gives. And this is what I’m grateful for since I’ve dealt with him
Joelle Rabbaa - Creative Director, Beirut, Lebanon
I asked Mark for a Now and the Year Ahead reading in my area of career. He gave me a full and comprehensive reading, about my inner journey as well as the external journey of my work and how I would be better off progressing. It made so much sense I have been able to focus more on what I really want to do and less on what others think of me, opening up my creativity in a way that is only possible by going within. Mark maps out your potential so you can navigate life more easily and join up the dots in your own understanding. He is empowering, helping you to understand what astrology can help you with and enabling you to do the work.
Rachel S - Writer/Performer, London, UK
I was new to astrology. I had done a reading prior with another astrologer who made a lot of assumptions about my current level of knowledge of astrology which left me mostly in the dark and quite a bit underwhelmed. After a recommendation from a friend I used Mark’s services. Mark was friendly, knowledgeable, and able to translate meanings to the lay person. The things we discussed in my reading were more spot on that I was honestly comfortable with at the time. I can’t recommend Mark highly enough!
Cameron - Systems Engineer, Mountain View, CA
I have had over 20 different astrology readings in my life & Mark Flaherty’s reading is, hands down, the most connected to truth, practically applicable and keenly astute one of the lot. If you want to step into the fullness of who you are, get a reading from Mark.
Kellee M - Colorado, USA
I found the reading to be brilliant. It was very thorough and very accurate, as a lot of it was based around my future career. I asked for this reading to be related to my career and Mark gave a clear direction which I am now pursuing. The theme for my reading overall was “know thyself”. Whilst its a simple question, it can be a difficult answer and Mark helped to answer and point me in a positive direction. I am now following that direction and am very happy. I have recommended Mark to several friends and would not hesitate to get another reading in the future when I need another compass point.
Cam Bracken - Manager, Alstonville, NSW, Australia
Mark is an amazing astrologer who gave me great insight into how my personality and life’s course has been influenced by the celestial realm. He took a lot of time to thoroughly research all aspects of my chart and gave me a lot of knowledge and insight into how to manifest what I want in the universe. I highly recommend him.
Josh Ginsburg - Holistic Health Coach, San Francisco, CA
I have worked with many astrologers over the years and Mark blows them all out of the water. He is deeply intuitive and has a rare gift.
Jack Montgomery - New York, NY
Mark is a wonderful astrologer. His readings are extremely insightful and helped me to answer deep questions about myself. With the positive attitude he helped me to illuminate things that I need to let go of and pointed new healthy attitudes to develop. He is very knowledgeable, personal and professional. He also suggested me an astrology book that helped me to see my true path, become more confident, and rekindled my general interest in astrology. I am forever thankful!
Anna V - Toronto, Canada
Mark, your reading was wonderful. You presented astrology in a unique way that relates it directly to the individual. This is new and refreshing; and a perfect approach to an astrological reading. My reading was very accurate, and given in a positive and an interactive manner that delivered an excellent reading. I greatly appreciated the reading and will recommend you to my friends. Thank you.
Taveta - Florida
My reading was amazingly accurate and it helped me to better understand my life experience and what kind of things that I can focus on that will bring me more joy. Thanks Mark!
Mike - Utah
Mark has that perfect professional combination as an Astrologer: detailed authority and intuition. He knows how to shape the information, communicating what’s important without unnecessary extras. He makes a clear distinction between possibilities and probabilities – emphasising how every individual has to make choices and actions to align with stellar influences. A reading with Mark has empowered me to remember that everything is connected within the universe – and of the significant part to play in creating my world and best life.
Mags MacKean - Author and Coach, Bristol, UK
Mark’s readings have had a profound effect on me. They provided a deep understanding of who I am and my strengths. His detail and insights were amazing. That played a major role in changing my life direction and moving with confidence toward my heart’s desires.
Kirk Anthony - Boulder, CO
Mark could accurately describe so much about me from my birth chart that I had to remind myself that he had not known me for years and all I had told him was my birth date, time and place. It’s been immensely useful to see myself from the perspective that he gave me and therefore know that my creative ideas are entirely on track, that I’m not crazy and I am not too late. The reading allowed me to relax into trusting divine timing, and while Mark says he doesn’t do predictions, what he told me about timing of events has been very helpful in making some significant life decisions. Undue effort has fallen away and things are all working out well. Without Mark’s reading, I would probably still be wasting time, energy and money trying to push to make something happen prematurely. Now I am allowing life to flow and I’m no longer worried about my future. The reading was absolutely worth it, so I recommend Mark without reservation. He really knows his stuff: if you are thinking about it, just go for it.
Brenda Scarborough - San Francisco, CA