A few hours ago there was a powerful new moon in Sagittarius. It is a very noteworthy and especially wonderful new moon since it happens in conjunction with Jupiter, very strongly placed in its own sign. I wrote recently about the beneficial influence of Jupiter’s movement into Sagittarius. Check out the article on my website if you missed it: https://mark-flaherty.com/…/jupiter-in-sagittarius-faith-t…/

The bottom line is that for the next year, with Jupiter in its rulership, we have the potential to deeply connect with the inherent goodness of life. A time when our trust and faith in ourselves and in life (actually one and the same thing) can return or, for the lucky ones that never lost it, can grow even stronger.

Now the new moon happening at this time means that for the next month we have the possibility of feeling especially strongly for the next month this trust, optimism, faith, abundance and joy that Jupiter in Sagittarius can bring our way in the next 12 months.

And yesterday, as the Moon was in the early degrees of Sagittarius and about to conjoin with Jupiter, I found myself reading a truly beautiful article by Charles Eisenstein on the Gift Economy.

Essentially he is talking about how life is a gift and inherently abundant. And we can choose to connect with and relate to life from this place rather than from the sense of separation that is the pervasive worldview currently…

“We need to deprogram from the habits of separation and scarcity to reclaim the primal state of gift. I don’t think that this happens through personal efforts, motivated by the desire to be a better person. It is rather something that happens to us. It happens, in other words, as a gift.

The transmission vector of that gift is community. Generosity, you may have noticed, is infectious. When you witness generosity, you receive the message, “It is safe to give. It is OK. I’ll be OK.” Sharing stories and practices of gratitude, of generosity – and of the challenges and setbacks in stepping more deeply into gift – we generate a normalizing field that counteracts social programming toward competition, selfishness, and scarcity.”

– Charles Eisenstein “Living in the Gift”

(Read the full article on his website – highly recommended!)

Just as he wrote, I feel this desire to live more from a place of gratitude and gift happening to me. And so, inspired by Charles’ words and actions, I have decided to make the astrology courses that I’ve created available under this gift model. I have 3 courses and all are now freely available here:

Complete Introduction to Astrology
Sun and Moon In-Depth
Secrets of Relationship Astrology Revealed

The previous prices are given on each course page and you are welcome to pay less, the same, more, or nothing at all if you wish.

As I write these words I feel the resistance, the thoughts that this is a stupid idea giving away high quality products that I’ve worked extremely hard on. My scarcity conditioning wants to stop me.

But it also feels exciting to see what will happen and to let go even of the control of what I charge for my products.

And if ever there is a time to trust the universe and the benevolence of life it is during a new moon in Sagittarius with Jupiter close by in its rulership.

May you too feel the abundance and gift of existence at this most auspicious of times!